Festival Announcements

The American “Main Street” festival is one of the great cultural staples of the United States.  It doesn’t matter if you are the smallest town or one of the largest, just about every town, city, county, and region holds an annual festival to celebrate what makes them unique.  These are excellent occasions for the community to come together and enjoy great food, art, crafts, and usually music or some form of entertainment.  Most festivals in America will have at least one stage that may host local talent, like the high school band or some type of a talent show. If the festival has been around for awhile, the offering may be bigger drawing talent from local, regional, or even national acts.  The stage is the glue that holds the festival together.  It is usually where the festival starts and ends.  Since the stage incorporates sound it is typically where you make all of your announcements, thank your sponsors, and tell people about upcoming events in the city.  We have all been there and we know the stage is where it’s at!

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