Only Voice Overs Revision Policy

While we strive to “nail it” on the first try with everything we deliver, the reality is “stuff happens”.  We understand that an effective voice over needs to strike the right tone for the message to be effective.  This is why we encourage clients to be very descriptive about expectations, mood, etc. when placing each order.  But for those times when our voice over just doesn’t hit the mark, request a revision.  It may be something we did or something in the script that just doesn’t sound correct after hearing it recorded.  For whatever reason, we are more than happy to re-record it based on the following policy:

Any revisions required or requested due to a mistake by the voice over artist (mispronunciation, missing words, etc.) are not considered a revision but are covered by the guarantee policy.

With each voice over order the client can request up to two revisions for any reason.

Revisions may include a script change (up to 25 words) requested and supplied by the client.  Additions to the contracted script length may incur additional charges based on the per word rate for the order.

Any script changes needed that are longer than 25 words should be submitted as a new order.

Revisions must be requested within 7 days of initial order delivery.  After 7 days an order is considered complete and any revisions to that order must be submitted as a new order.

To request a revision a client must contact us and provide the following:

  • Original order number
  • Reason for the revision (what was missing or incorrect with the original recording)
  • If there are any script changes, a complete updated copy of the new script
  • Accurate contact information as requested on the contact us page

We also suggest that you visit our page about the guarantee policy if there are problems with your order that are beyond a simple revision.

Finally, for orders that are highly particular and require a very specific voice over, we suggest that you order a session based voice over recording.  This allows clients to be on a phone or video call with the voice over artist to provide active feedback on what is being recorded. This add on will ensure our vocal talent delivers exactly what you are looking for.