Simple, Honest and Fair Pricing

Our rate starts at only 30¢ per word

Regardless of use, market size, etc.  You buy, you own, you use; however you want.

(Scroll down for the particulars)

Everything has fine print.  We try to keep ours simple and straight forward:

  • Rates start at only 30 cents per word but vary based on the vocal talent selected.
  • All orders have a 150 word minimum which equates to about 60 seconds.
  • Multiple roles, characters, or talent requests are all considered as separate orders and have the 150 word minimum.
  • Each order will be supplied back to the client as a single file (MP3 and WAV).  If multiple files are required they should be submitted as separate orders.
  • You own the file after we provide it and can use it however you want.  There are no limitations of use or market size.
  • Orders are delivered as RAW unmixed files unless additional production services are ordered.
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed per our guarantee and revision policies.